søndag den 25. januar 2015

Fixie project!

So finaly i got my first real fixie bike.
I still need a few more details, but at least now, its Rolling :P 
I love it, i love, i love it! :D

Got my Corima back wheel yesterday, and need just one more Corima front wheels and and chain.
Then it should be done.
There is a few changes to do, just for the style, but this will be done slowly.
But finaly, now it looks like a fixie bike. :D

From beginning.
1st step: Cut all small metalic parts off (Thanks to Simon) 

2nd step: New paint, new crome front fork, seat, handelbar tape, pedal straps, change "krank" and test wheel.

3ed step: Ordered new Bianchi stickers.

4th step: New Corima track/fixie wheel, and front carbon Zipp road wheel.

5th and last step: ...Will be an other Corima front wheel and a chain.
Extras: Brooks seat, Brooks handelbar tape, Brooks pedal straps. Then all done :D