tirsdag den 10. februar 2015

The Gym is my playground!

Starting to be able to bent my knee more and more, still not 100% but one step at the time, and injuries like that, dosent go fast. But it do go the right way! About 6 month is gone now since the crash and the IRM scan. I still have a few physio treatments, and check ups. But at least I can train my ass in the Gym...a lot. :0) and ofcause excesises from Doc! I've got few coaches around me on skates, a new coach in the gym witch is awesome, and physio treatments about 2 times a week. So not alone anymore! Skating and cycling starts to look correct and strange, but true...I never skated so good technically, like I do now. Sometimes I do think I've done too much traning before, that it keapt my skating a bit down. The feeling on skates is much better now, even though, that I have a shit knee! And also old injuries, like prob with my hip, is kind of gone...so soon I'll not be a vegetable any longer :0) Maybe i have to stop doing Danish style traning, and then train a bit more smart instet of just killing my self as a viking in every traning :0) I should become French and do like they did at worlds 2014, but stil being Danish, just a mix :0) but well well well, in total, it's getting better!