torsdag den 11. december 2014

Barcelona here i come, honey!

3 hours drive and i'm in the appartement mittle of Barcelona. Maybe no surfing this time, but gotter check it out, thats for sure. All packed....ah not yet tho, but getting there. :0)
Maybe bringing longboard and skates is not at bad idéa for visiting and transport, but cheap it is!
So head up, redbull in the pocket, and my white ass butt crack in the seat of my wannabe BMW, we are going to get a bit of sun very soon. #All set. #Kiss my ass Toulousa....

lørdag den 6. december 2014


I just found my biggest idol and 2end me today....finaly i meet him.
My biggest Dream came true :D 

Michelangelo....Teenage mutant ninja turtle - god i love u 4 turtles!