onsdag den 12. november 2014

1est step...Done!

..so first small tattoo is done, then only 2 bigger ones to go... Comming up^^

mandag den 10. november 2014

Small update - great progress!

Well, update of life and injoryes - Eating healthy, drinking water, grooing muscels, losing fat, lives in the fressh rainfull DK, but i like it here - Do miss the french life pretty much, but going back soon.
Knee better again, abel to do flexion nearly 90 degrees, but not 100% yet. Slowly progress, but boring as fuck, but that's life of injoryes, at least im getting bigger, gaining muscels, heavier, stronger, and my moves, technique and exercises is getting better...Thanks to my french weigthlifting coach and for the awesome program. Finaly i can see great progress and all is going after my plan!

Viva la france!

Way to go team France - First of all i want to congrat the french kadet team, at euros this year, they really kicked butt under the coach Pascal Briand. And again now at worlds in Agentina, the junior and senior team is doing very good aswell... Im proud of the skaters im skating with so often. And ooooooh my god, they got the most sweeeeeeeet suit. :P good job la france!