søndag den 28. september 2014

Chill'n in the sofa!!

#Sundayevening #Burgerday #Newsofa #Sicktogetherallweekend #StrongLOVEasalways 
#Poker #Mostbeautifull #4-Evertogether<3

søndag den 14. september 2014

Homemade breakfreast!

Mmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmmmmm.... 
Homemade breakfrest is awesome good.
Then I'm sure not to become a fat ass mamma :D

lørdag den 13. september 2014

Dr. Dre rule my music!

So...New headphones Beats from Dr. Dre Bluetooth, wireless.
Home sweet home they are fucking awesome...!!

 Wauuuuw!  ....And they play good to :D 

onsdag den 10. september 2014

"Les jeux du roller" - will be awesome!

So it's getting closer and closer. Les jeux du roller starts 18th of Oct 2014.
There is 6 disciplines and it's all from speedskating, to roller hockey, to rink hockey, artistic skating, slalom skating, city skating and the famous roller derby. No matter what kind of skating ur from, u can join. There will be "fire in the hole" for a week with Pascal Briand, and many different disciplines, for every age. At many different tracks and many ways of skating. So join the jeux du roller today, don't miss the free sign up. And don't miss the famous mascot, the judge, Zebra. :D

Yesterday evening first test for the jeux du roller, on the track in Pibrac, behind the scooter from last years European champion roller derby, Davide lengelleé.
Exactly like the track cycling and like they train in Columbia to get speed.
Bring on the scooter!!! :D #Overspeed.

Testing - Testing! I was a lucky bastard to be allowed to skate 20min easy for the first time in way to long time. #Physioorders #Truestory. #Nocheating #Kneeprobs. #Sucks. 

A little French update about what the jeux du roller is, so check it out if ur French skilles is awesome! http://www.jeuxduroller.fr/

lørdag den 6. september 2014

Only 2 month left...Fuck!

Well....At least "only" 11/2-2 month to go now, if that can do it. Hope so, cause getting pretty tired of this shit :D 
I just got to stop training so hard I guess and being so wild....But how is that porsible :D
So I've got physio nearly everyday, something like ultra sound, wich is not, but much stronger and better and then lots of exercises..
Luckily I can train the upper body as much as I want, wihuuuii...Here we come Ramboo arms :D
Suns out Guns out :D

mandag den 1. september 2014

Always good with something new!

So hair fixed this weekend as well...With a little detail this time :D

European championship roller derby!

So it's on...Saturday morning live from New castle. The guys is ready to play agents the best roller derby players in Europe. First match for Pascal, working as a jammer on his new team, the quad guards. Last year winner of the European championship. The feminin French national team and all other team/girls is here to support the guys. Hope u guys can here us from France.. Let's go Toulouse, let's go QUAD GUARDS! Next time it's u girls, just do like always, kick everybody's asses with the hands on the back :D #Fuckingstrong
Im sitting on the left, chilling with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, I guess I'm having the widest shoulders on this pic, oh my god haha :D #Thinkmyweigthtraningworks.
Thanks for an awesome weekend French teams #ProFrenchteams #Crasygirls #Lovedit