søndag den 17. august 2014

Cycling 2hours10min-170puls!

Nice and warm bike traning today, 31 degrees, not the hotteste though.. But was good for 2hours10min bike. No intervalls yet, stright order from the physio. So just endurance so fare. And physio exerciseses. I try not to make it to easy though...But with style. :D respecting the wish words. But I did have 170 puls all the way :D i geuss my puls is just like that.
But anyway, my new wheels, they are running juuuust like honey in the te :D perfect!
I just love the sound, Whhuuuuuuuuh it goes, when I bike just with a bit of speed. #Feels damn pro.

torsdag den 14. august 2014

I just had to crack for this!

It's typical, u go shopping....Well, shopping just to look....Okay I know that's a girl thing. But it was meant to be like that, until I saw these ones. Ofcause I have about 500 other pair of shoes, and probrobly out of these 500 pair, 450 is running shoes :D 
But this we don't have to tell anybody :D
But these ones is just awesome, nice fluo yellow and super light :D 

mandag den 11. august 2014

Watch out guys!!

søndag den 10. august 2014

Me and my longboard!

The selfie of the day #Longboard #Chill out #Getting to know my new board #Learning #Traning

Fixie project!

...So my own fixie project comming up, well have been working on it for a while now, 
but it's a long term project though.. 
Takes some time to get the spare parts.. 
Here is a pic of how it looked like when I got it... -Right now, every thing is taken a part, cleaned, new paint, new handelbar, handelbar tape, seat, pedals, pedals strap...
In about two weeks I'll get my first Aerospoke back wheel, completely new :D 
So I'm sure it's perfect. Hehe :D 
Later, I'll be having an other Aerospoke front wheel, both mat black.
And then I'll get my Bianchi stickers coming. 
And after that....Well, I'll consider to put a small gold finger handbreak....Just to save my as a bit in the French city's.
After moving away from my old appartment, I got a surf arriere just beside my house, wich is AWESOME, and 10min to down town...so I'll be using my fixie as transport I guess :D
Still have same time to the skating track in Pibrac, maybe 5min longer, wich is nothing.
To Grenade road track, about 25min, it's alright. 
And the best part, it's faster to go to the parabolic track in Valance d'agen..
And big plus, my appartment is biiiiiigggeerrr :P sweet!
But I will need to get my self a surf/cite surf board one day I think :D

Pic's coming up, when new details...

onsdag den 6. august 2014

fredag den 1. august 2014

Finaly it's done!

And the last pieces arrived, small tire problem fixed by my x-proo bike made, green bad ass handelbar tape on and I'm ready to go on a sunday morning sunshine ride! I used probrobly all the money in these wheels hehe :D 
But Holly Molly they shine! :D
Can't wait till sunday, sun's out gun's out! :P