torsdag den 26. juni 2014

White trash butt crack!, back from the beach, just a few days in the 35 degreed sun near Narbonne, little city called Gruissan. Was awesome. Trying out some water activites, draged behind a boat was the top moment of the day. Follwed by 5 hours in the hot sun, i can only say that my ass look like some seriouse white trash butt crack, as sun burned it is. :D a extra awesome thing was to see my man Hood again. Robin Sigl! He came all the way from the danish to visit and even then brought his ass with me to beach. Thanks dude! Awesome to make some boat trip and GoPro time with u...Ur welcome to join when ever u want. Next time we will go jet-ski :0)

fredag den 20. juni 2014

So finally and still nearly..

So nearly done, not much will change now. I'm only missing the handelbar tape and the rest of the wheels, but beside that, it's finish. Welcome home baby :P 
Fu****g hell it's awesome my bike. Full carbon and super light. As my dad would have said in Danish.
"Den er da flot den kul cykel der" :D 
I can only agree with his words....It's dainmm sweet my bike. :P
How much it weigh I don't even know, i didnt check all details yet, probrobly light. :0)
I'm more in to the look and that it works :D 
Then it's extra bonus if its light of cause :)
But I can say it have a shimano durerace 10speed system, full carbon frame, handelbar, saddle, and full carbon zipp wheels 90mm... BUT OH MY GOD IT'S AWSOME! :P

tirsdag den 17. juni 2014

It's here, it's here, it's heeeeeereeee!

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! :D

Finally they arrived, my new, fucking expensive zipp full carbon 90mm wheels.. :D 
Maybe not the best, at least not in the wind, and maybe not in the corners to....But I don't give a s***, cause dainnnnm they look nice :P and dainmm they are light. Tomorrow I'll go to my bike-shop-man, and I guess he can put my shimano durerace system on, I hope fast, so I can make my first ride in Narbonne (French city), down in the south, not so fare from Barcelona, it's gonna be nice and hot. :D 

onsdag den 11. juni 2014

So we are getting there..

 Come on, pump it up.. :D

 New gloves arrived from the U.S. :P great feeling, getting motivated to move my ass on the bike or inline...Or what elles i can use a pair of gloves to. Not many things left now in the big package i ordered, soon all is here..

fredag den 6. juni 2014

Sun's out, guns out!

Back in business...New weight room, new materials,  just back from todays awesome weight traning.
Pumping my self up, catching up some kilos..

Well i wonder what this is! :D

I laughed my ass off today, when i recived an other package for....Well i geuss this one is pretty much for my bike :D hehe not very hard to se though :D

...So after houres of opening a package witch was pack with tons of plastic and soft kind of papir...It became my new handelbar, full carbon all over the place :D can't wait to try it out tomorrow..

søndag den 1. juni 2014

And then the carrier pigeon past by my house this time! :D

It's sunday, and still in the sofa, trained to hard, waaay to hard tuesday, well also cause first time doing plyo/jumps so wasen't use to it, but it destroyed me for fu****g 4-5 days, and boom, same time i got sick, GREAT! What man, it have been yearss since i have been sick, so i guess it was my turn now...Crap! :D Maybe that shit jumps, witch was awesome, :0)  got me sick, cause of to much...Sucks! :D Couldn't walk for 4 days, what the f**k... Normaly it's just 48hours. Well not this time! But, a pair of new nike air max1 can always help. :D Starts to feel better now, first day i can walk normaly and no headdeck and pain. Just a bit zombie feeling....So i guess it's better to start up tomorrow with a bunch of weight lifting :D Wuhuu felling excited already :D hopefully my new skates will arrive soon, or my nice Sierra is soon done, maybe! So I can skate! Would be great! 
So one pair of Nike air max1 :D Wuhuu..!