fredag den 30. maj 2014

A little guest, came to visit me!

Ice my maaaaan!

I'll be a dog owner for 4 days :D

And again...

An other package arrived,  bottle cages for my carbon bike :D 
I'm gonna rock the roads....Still waiting for the last parts, but I think it will take a while for this one to arrive.. :D So awesome.

Old to new oakleys!

So....A bit more equipment arrived. First new earsock + nosepad in white...

...And then an other pair of green earsocks + green lenses..

Soon all is here...Sweet! :P

torsdag den 29. maj 2014

New equipments is coming - 1'est part has arrived!

Well well well...Soon I'm one ritch mamma...All my small orders from cycling shops all over the world, for my fixie bike and road bike, it starts to find it's way to my house. First part is here, my new full carbon specialized seat for my carbon bike. I'm gonna rock the world with these coming  equipments. 

I'll send the finish of the bike, when I got it all! :D 
Can't wait - So awesome! 

mandag den 26. maj 2014

Awesome bike shoes!

Just want to say thanks to Jean-steph Sierra for a pair of awsome bike shoes... They rule my world now. 10 times more "Stiff" then my old ones. Wauw big diffrent. I geuss my guns (legs) will like doing the flat road power intervals with these ones one my feet... All power will go rigth in my pedals!

 Thanks Sierra!!

The hurt box!

Well, one more running traning is done. 1 hour running with intervals...I was very well in the Hurt Box.
I can't say i didn't keap the puls limits in my traning today. I keapt them very fine... "Rest" puls 175 and "interval/working" puls 190. And i can only say that, OH YES, i was very well tomato red in my face as well, dainmmm :D But only one traning today, so better do it strong :P I liiiike...
After that, the menu was on protein shake and fruit, with a little tutch of carrots! And yes i don't lie, that keapt me goring that day. Not bad to get of some fat, as long i keap the energi level up. 
Tomorrow,  heawy weigth traning on the program, finaly the weigth room is open again, great! After one week with no weigths on the shoulders, i will be in the hurt box one more time. :D Welcome back pain! Bring it on! No pain, No gain right guys :D

Arnold my friend, i'm caching up on ur biceps! :0)

onsdag den 21. maj 2014

When love is everything!

Old retro!

Finally I found my favorite car, OH MY GOD IT'S SO AWESOME! 
Dreaming to have this one day! 

Old Danish heros :D

I found this old picture, I think it's from the 1900's :D but awesome.
The one with the skinnyest legs, should be me..
First time in the national team, i think I'm 18years old. Thats about there that i started skating.
A bit late, but better late then never, I'm still a little girl on that pic hehe :D dainmmm where is all my muscle :D

Roller derby is awesome!

I saw this picture on the internet, and Julie Glass who is working with Luigino just send Pascal a pair of AWESOME roller derby skates. And as i can see on her facebook, she is also doing roller derby.
...So as I said, I found this picture, and in my eyes Julie Glass is pretty big/muscular and strong hehe but when I saw this picture, HOLLLLY MOLY, who is that Hulk, who's going to smack the ass of Julie. I already feel sorry for Julie on this picture, but it is freaking awesome this picture. :D I really love this picture. She is MASIVE the other woman haha :D She is nearly bigger then Arnold schwarzenegger!!!

My little dog!

I couldn't resist to put this one on, yes i'm a dog lover, but have no dog...Not yet! 
But this is seriously daiinmmm cute :0)

onsdag den 7. maj 2014

Up hill, up hill, up hill and pain in the ass! :D

I'm sprinter,  what am I doing on a hill of 5% and it's not even to much. :D

 So the traning camp was in the mountains, and yes i was there to teach and skate, but it's not every day i can bike in 1489m hight, so of cause most of my tranings thees 4-5days i spent sitting on a bike, pushing and pushing, up a hill, untill i shit my pants, sounds funny right! :D 
I can't say im the best climber for the moment, with all the heawy weight lifting/squats, jumps and sprint traning and so on i did, im made for sprints and pushing full on the flat, im a power ball for the momemt, so altitude and 3houres cycling, where 30k was only uphill...Well, it was fun though! Even though, that this time Pascal kicked my ass big time. But was really a good traning.
I was not bad :D I did finish all :D
I'm proud I survived with my extra bag of muscles haha :D not even A cramp!
Only a bit in the night :)
Well I can't complain, my tranings is not made to be good in the mountains, not for the moment :)
But a great day on the bike, indeed it was! :D
The day before I did a shorter hill, but way more up hill, holy crap, that sure is cool :P
I like when it's a bit shorter but then so many % of up hill, that u stand still....and ur legs just buuuurn.
That's just awesome :D 
Awesome days in the mountains :D

Traning Camp!

So this weekend i had a small traning camp with a group of kids, kids from everywhere. 
Mainly France of cause :D
First day out of 4 days traning camp + my own work and traning.
The camp was hold in the mountains, really a nice and beautiful place.
The track was alright, surface a bit rough in my eyes, but it's good to learn what a real road is. And not to get to use to the nice slide road on a road circuit and track. Back in the days everybody skated on a parking....And there is still some marathons who is rough, like Rennes. So good to make the kids a bit tough and prepare there minds. 

Preparing my Sierra skates, putting them back on after testing my old mariani skates. And then ready to go for the kids.

Well, first part was a lot of skilles, technical excesses, and pack/group details...A bit later some speed/sprints and of cause starts. But starts in a tight group, so they learn to not care about the hand and pushing...especially the girls ;D 
But I really think everybody did well and also progressed after only 4days. Great!
The coming race they had the last day, went well also.
Doesn't matter about the result, it will come by it self, as long as u go with everything u have.
And I think they did! But they got nice results to :P 
Good job kidooo's!!!