søndag den 27. april 2014

torsdag den 17. april 2014

Cheap drinks...Holy Moly :D

Well well well....What did i learn today.
If u take ur car 1h15min from my house, up in the mountains, then u get free drinks. 
Okay, almost free :D

Well im not the biggest alcohol fan, but it SURE was really crasy cheap in Andorra.
Was pretty cool trip with Thony and Marie-C. 
Thanks guys.
And thanks holy god that the police didn't stop us, I think we had a littttttttle bit to much alcohol hehe only a little bit to much, little 9liters to much :D ONLY!!!
But what the hell, rules are made to me broken :D

It was nice and pretty up here to...So for me the trip was perfect.
No alcohol for me, but new Ray Ban's hell yeah... 79€
Haha down in my pocket. :P
I think I'll be back here in Andorra...At least if I need new Ray Ban's :D 

onsdag den 9. april 2014

Sun in France, hell yeah!

Ah selfie after the day's running traning, Holy moly....
I'm read like a tomato in my head! :)
I geuss it's the sun, and when i'm dóing weigth traning like a im rigth now,
yeah, then i'm not made for running a marathon, that's for sure :D 
Well, if i did, i would be the must pumped up marathon runner ever, with my heawy bag of
Quadrocips and shoulders...A marathon is normaly not the best combination. :D 
But, was running pretty fine today, no problemo. 
And great, when the weather starts to be really good slowly...