tirsdag den 28. januar 2014

Even though the vikings lost!

French handball team!

Well, even if they seriously kicked our ass, at the final game, in Denmark.
They did play much better then us, they where much faster and technicaly then us...
And we had a bad day, unlucky to have a bad day, on the day of the finale.
I really think we could have played better, but sometimes life is a bitch.
But, they where really stronger then us that day....Respect.
So a small privat message to my friend from the French team, damn good job Valentin Porte.
Tu etais bien forte :0)
I'm happy for u and ur team.
Even though we are vikings in Denmark, we still have a few moves to learn. 
Especially speed and defense.
I'll kick ur ass in monopoly when i get back home instead :0) 

Summer jumps!

Well, yes a little pic from last summer, nice jump/fun/squat traning.. :D 
Always good for the legs... 
Nice 38degrees, in the summer of France.... I'm damn looking forward for that again, this comming
summer, in my home town, Toulouse. 
About 3hours from Barcelona. Ducking Nice!!

Happy new year...a little bit late :D

So i just got rid off my hangovers from new year. :D
Well, if u go down town in Århus, Denmark, with a brother like mine and a bottle of whisky, then it Can and will only go wrong :D 
It was a awesome night...Nice to feel ur alive again.
So a late happy new year up date to u guys :D

onsdag den 22. januar 2014

A little old style!

Back in the times when the real big teams where there, the legends, stars and the heros...
Times is changing, to the good sides, new style, new wheels, but also loosing a lot of history and losing some elegances..
Not one from the time we are in now, have won gold medals or world cup finals with the same Spirit and Horner like before. 
Big teams like FILA, ROLLERBLADE, SALOMON... Fighting agents eath other where real sport and real competition. It was clean, with a big C! 
Was awesome. :D
At Berlin marathon, when all 3 big team where there + all the others small teams, and single skaters.
Wauww, what a battle. 
At worlds all of the skaters had a freaking level, and only the smartest at that split second would take the gold medal.
And also, there where an other feeling about it...
Maybe there where more money in it, and more sponsors back then, yes. 
But there where some legends who will always write there name in the history.
Some where just on an other level! 
Chad Hedrick.
Keith Turner.
Derrick Parra.
Pascal Briand.
Arnaud Gicquel.
Luca Presti
Massimiliano Presti
Gregory Duggento 

Maybe I have forgotten a few, but, these guys, they won with style. 

I hope there is some guys out there having same mentality, attitude and style, writing there name in the new history. :) 

Old heros always stands! :D

When life is good!

A little bit more updates,
some good memories in life, brings always the smile on ur lips. Here few pics from some hollyday trips and lots more....
The heart is the road in life... So u better follow it. 
Then u'll always go right...
No matter what way it is...

Photo shooting in Holland...

A few pics...

Russia, In the cold... "Ducking" cold :P

Chill hollyday in the French... :)

...Always some action in life..

Oh my gooooooooooodneeessss, snowboard is life!!! :P

Next trip...Well, so fare, next trip is back to France...
Take care bitchhhhhhsssssssss :D 

CAsCo...oo, oki!

And Then....Not bad, we got a new little sponsor in house, they have been there for a while, but not bad to have Casco as a little help. Realy, it's a seriously nice helmet.
We recived the normal bike helmet for racing, long distances races, and so on, and then later on also the round air dynamic sprint helmt..
There is now a new model of the sprint helmet on the market. Have been there for a while.
Just me slow updating :0) 


Pascal trying out the hot stuff.. ;P sweet!

onsdag den 15. januar 2014

Hehe hallo everyone..
 Wauw again, it's really long time ago i have been in here, and could see i only hard a boring old update about traning. Well that traning was not boring thoo.. :0)
Well i geuss i was just either busy or just got bord of writting for a moment. I don't have that big neeeeed to tell everybody in the world about what i dó to.... And about me.
I enjoy the moment, in the moment. :0)
So sometimes it goes a bit slow.
Well update so fare, is that, i'm in the world sunnyside-Denmark-Århus.
Rigth now, RAIN! :D
But well, that's normal here i geuss.
Still the best place on eath.
Long time no see, that i have been there to chill out, and that feels really good to be home.
Been wanting that for a while, for a trip to DK and not a trip for that shit sport to ICE skating haha :D
Yes strange, it is pretty shitty hehe, but i still like it hehe :D
Well i geuss i just like shit sports then hahaha :D
It's still pretty cool.
I have no idéa how i accerly got in to this, well i geuss was just to try, it got a long try i think hehe :D
But i think between inline and ICE, well....It will always be inline skating.

That's not a shit sport at leaset, that's a sport for bad asses... Maybe it's a bit shit when u crash on the astfalt :D
On the ICE, it is a bit for the pussy skaters hahahaha :D
Oki, no shit, don't hate me. Haha :D
It's an amazing sport both of them, and extreamly good at mixing together, for traning and skating....But there is no bad ass on the ICE hehe.
Come on, u have to skate alone, agents a clock. Wauw what a challenge. :D
And then look what u have on inline, hehe a bunch of bad asses big monsters, chasing u to the end of 42K and will die to win, and even cheat a bit, by graping ur balls..
Well that's in wors case hehe :D
But i still like ICE skating, it's elegant, it is. It's beautifull....But damn boring.
 But 1500m is nice.
Anyway, it's reallly a good mix for traning, and i'm sure u will improve on inline useing the ice.
And upperside.
But to be hornest, i think i would have chosed boxing if i was a little girl hehe :D
Getting my nose broken, a few times in my life, would be better then trawling and leave ur heart behind, to pay to skate on some ice that u can't eat anyway. :D
But what wouldn't u do to live out a goal a dream, or just something u like.

Well, back in the Danish area, nice to be home.
U figure out what life really is when u follow ur heart.
Damn i missed home. No matter how much i like sports. :D 

 ..................Arggghh I MISS HOoooooME :D