lørdag den 17. august 2013

We kicked so much ass!!

Traning today was a bit longer then expected, but daiiiiiii'nm arwsome :P
Toke my bike to something we call "La Ramee" it's a lap around the lake, about 8-9km, medium good/good road with bumps, one small hill and some corners, otherweise flat and streigth. 
But goooooood. :0) 
Toke me an houre to get there, got a bit lost, hehe well, im not completly French yet ;D did 5laps on the road and went home again, got lost again hehe and it's not a joke :D so ended up doing 5hours cycling with intervalles haha, bravo :D 2houres more then planned, but well....Was freaKing good traning. 
We did crasy laps today, 10:45 or 11:55 when it was "easy" :D 
And it was just endurance haha... Oh my god we kicked sooooo much ass!
Few lead outs sitting down on the bike just pushing, on puls 186,  for Viktor on skates, Well, that...was FAST! :D
But still going good.
But THAT..... Just awsome!!!
Otherweise, puls 150-170 but felt still easy :D 
I dont know what's going on hehe i can just keap going on high pulses and nothing happens haha i don't get tired, ieven with high puls, i can keap going, the acid dosen't show up :P 
It's pretty cool for the moment :P
Awsome traning today, danm we kicked serouisly some ass today :D
Monday, here we go again :D 

fredag den 9. august 2013

Århus Track!

Back on home track!

Then i finaly came back home in the Danish again :D
Traning on MY favorit danish track in Denmark. Felt goooooood!
It's a 200m asfalt track, banked a bit, wide corners, it eats the wheels a bit now, cause of all the hard winters in DK. 
But that means also, NOT slippery :P 
It' dosen't eat the wheels that much that it dosen't make it the best track in Denmark :D
I like when I can feel the push and it's a but rough, a bit like Gross Gerau before it got remade. 
So...Well, MY favorit! :D
There is after many years now, a few tracks in Denmark and all very good.
 Probrobly the most professional  one is the one in Slagelse cause it's a parabolic track, concrete  surface and with a awesome road track around, witch is my favorit road track in DK.
But today i was on the track, did some sprint tranings, Nice!!!
Damn the corners on this track feel soooo good :P 
Even though it's a old track, not very high banked and not many people there, but its just amazing to skate there... Always sun there :D hehe and it's a nice place the track is put.
It just gives u the feeling that u want to stay there all day long! :P
Good job Århus :D