søndag den 28. juli 2013

3 vikings back on the bike - Magnum145 Back in town!

Traning today was awsome!!!
Magnus is back in town with us, and sure not use to the heat, finishing 2 bottels of water, followed by my bottel, and half of Viktors, in 10min , and still asking for more... well it's not a easy start though, BUT....leat out with 55Km/H relaxing, kicking out lady jokes, and drinking water in the same time, is still no problem at all :D
Like if it was as easy as scratching his butt, even on Hills where he have probrobly 125kg extra muscels then what i have hehe :D
He did say though, that "what the fuck is this shit, give me a real road" :D
But on the bike, life is easy for the heawy Danish guy :D
2hours bike in 37degress, with intervalles in between, it's not normal for 3 Danish people, at least not the 37 degress :D
And the Hills!!!!....Well, they are not quuuuite as big in Denmark haha :D
The intervalles, is what we are good at :P
But everybody know, if u Want to be good on the Hills, u dont need to be to heawy....But there is exceptions :D Swiss Cancallera Vs. Magnus Ass-ping Slagelse...i'll bet all my money on the viking :D
Danish people, as we are knowns as vikings, we can make looots of surprises :D
Welcome home in France mister Assss-ping, show me ur power!!!
Let out the lion dude!!

mandag den 15. juli 2013

Feels better, but we'll see :D

Traning good for the moment, still catching up cause injurie and still am injuried.
But i think it's getting better.
The program have been on seeing a lot of doctores, physios, and specialists...and, last but not least,
Ofcause...A LOT of stretching and massages, and Way less weigth traing and running.
But lots of cycling, inline, and core tranings.
Seams like my body didn't like to have all that Big blown up muscels.
Well, can't see big diffrents in the mirriore though, but feels much better.
Felt like i was blown up for about 11/2year, maybe i still am, i don't know, can be just technic,
but rigth now it feels
a bit like it's the rigth way, so lest hope i get that injurie fixed as fast as porsible.
Well that is more important then any goal.
I gotter work and gotter have fun :D
It's all i need, elles i give a shit about anything elles haha :D

torsdag den 11. juli 2013

Ready to go!

First time in my new Sierra boots this evening :p
Not bad at all, i could do my traning like if i was skating i my old pair that i'm use to..
So i geuss that's a good sign.
Tomorrow i'll have a new, again hard tranning on skates, so it's probrobly even better tomorrow, when it's 2nd time i skate with them... I'll get more and more use to them after more time and better and better feeling i think.
So today i was all new :D
New skates and new suit, also Sierra.
He make a lot of skin suits Sierra, black, white, pink, and then this one i red, witch was my favorit :P

Beside that he also sell frames, and Casco helmets, witch is a pretty nice helmet :P
and some awsome cycling shoes..
Check it out. www.Sierra-shoes.com

onsdag den 10. juli 2013

THANKS SIERRA - Rest day and shoe day!!

Rest day today, and new shoe day to :p
I kind of tryed about 5000 pairs of inline skates hehe Ok, not soo many though.. :D
But i tryed a lot now, after about 10years of skating..
I have had 1pair of stock boots, elles the rest i had was costum mate shoes, cause i have fucked up feet. Serouisly, they are like a banana, not kiding :D
I have tryed, Mogema, Bont, cavarlli, Mariani, and Sierra..
All was very good skates, no doubt about that...
But my taste, well, i think the best shoes for me, after all this years of trying, i ended up with Sierra.
No pain at ALL!
I have had a lot of problems with my feet falling a sleep hehe, yep, they sleep after 10min warm up, and then i feel nothing in them, that sucks big time.
Today i got the mould done, and tomorrow my skates are ready to go. THAT'S FAST!
Yep, in about 48hours Jean Steph Sierra made my shoes, pretty cool.
In my old pair of Sierra i had a great feeling, even though it was just a proto type, they where great.
Now it's full done, i'm sure they are good, damn i'm excited like a little kid at christmas :P

Sure in new shoes u will always have a bit pain, but suck it up, it will go away after some time, but i think in the Sierra shoes, is the shoes i have only felt good in.
So i'm looking damn forward for tomorrows traning.
A big THANKS to Jean Steph Sierra, THANKS DUDE, UR THE MAN!! :D

I'll kick out a photo when i have them :P

tirsdag den 9. juli 2013

I'm becoming a danish painted brownie :D

Hey everybody, no pain no game, im back in business!! 
-Long time no see, as always, hehe :0)
But as written in the top, i don't give a shit. :D 
New ball's on the soup, like we would say in our beautyfull language, with a potatto in our mouth, that's dansih im speaking about guys ;D at least it's sounds better then Dutch and German...So fare so lucky :D''
Anyway, I have had a hard time with injuries, still am, but trying fix it. I hope.
I think im on the good way, but long way to go and to catch up though.
Just no luck! 
But well, as long as im happy it's good, its gooooooooooood :D
Goals, well....Everybody have goals and dreams. But im back in my old skin, i take Day by Day, do and train like i like, and we see what's happening.
 I don't wanner stress for a goal... I train cause i like it, and we see what life brings. Hehe :D
 As long as i like what i do, its fine. With or with out goals.
I work better when i have fun :D 
Then it's eassyer to fuck things up also hehe and make some shit :D 
But suuure serouis, always!!! 
More then what u expeckt! 
But we only have the fun we make by our self, and who the fu... Want to be so serouis that u can't puke in traning cause u had a party the day before. Dude, get a life ;D 
U just got to suck it up a bit that day, cause sure if u Can party u Can also train. 
 U have one life, use it good!!!!
 Enjoy all that lady's out there guys ;D they Will not run after u when ur 80 though.. :D that's for sure :D 

Wanted to write a bit today, just felt for it, and let's see if i can keap some small updates now, if i feel for it...And in english, i have no idea why i wanted that, needed some practise i geuss :D 
Lots of mestakes...So better now then never. and holy shit i'm a laisy basted!! :D

Traning on the papir today was: Strengh traning early this morning outside, otherweise i cook and endurance on inline this evening. 
Road beside the Lake and 35 degress, at least 12 skaters in a big group and good level, like it was racing, not bad i can tell u. :D
I'm getting a hot painted brownie cause of all that Sun :D 
..and a Danish one :D
Come and beat me in that Magnum 145 asss-ping :D

Tomorrow morning 9am, it's cycling ON/OFF on the program ...Very Nice for the legs hehe :P 
But at least 36degress, so it wouldn't be cold though!!

Well finish so fare, now it's just rest and rest aaaand probrobly a very serdicfieing, new born fresh and french Coca cola :D French yes, but no frogs or snails or anything....They have lost there minds down here :D
But at least a Coke, it make the tits grow :D