mandag den 2. marts 2015

Cheering for the boys! a after traning roller derby match.
Not me playing and winning, but Pascal and the team. I just arrived after my own traning on the inline track and now cheering for the guys with Tatiana. 
Nice evening, finished with a party down town ofcause :0)
But not to late, time to rest and recover for next days tranings, diet and travel.

tirsdag den 10. februar 2015

The Gym is my playground!

Starting to be able to bent my knee more and more, still not 100% but one step at the time, and injuries like that, dosent go fast. But it do go the right way! About 6 month is gone now since the crash and the IRM scan. I still have a few physio treatments, and check ups. But at least I can train my ass in the Gym...a lot. :0) and ofcause excesises from Doc! I've got few coaches around me on skates, a new coach in the gym witch is awesome, and physio treatments about 2 times a week. So not alone anymore! Skating and cycling starts to look correct and strange, but true...I never skated so good technically, like I do now. Sometimes I do think I've done too much traning before, that it keapt my skating a bit down. The feeling on skates is much better now, even though, that I have a shit knee! And also old injuries, like prob with my hip, is kind of soon I'll not be a vegetable any longer :0) Maybe i have to stop doing Danish style traning, and then train a bit more smart instet of just killing my self as a viking in every traning :0) I should become French and do like they did at worlds 2014, but stil being Danish, just a mix :0) but well well well, in total, it's getting better! 

søndag den 25. januar 2015

Fixie project!

So finaly i got my first real fixie bike.
I still need a few more details, but at least now, its Rolling :P 
I love it, i love, i love it! :D

Got my Corima back wheel yesterday, and need just one more Corima front wheels and and chain.
Then it should be done.
There is a few changes to do, just for the style, but this will be done slowly.
But finaly, now it looks like a fixie bike. :D

From beginning.
1st step: Cut all small metalic parts off (Thanks to Simon) 

2nd step: New paint, new crome front fork, seat, handelbar tape, pedal straps, change "krank" and test wheel.

3ed step: Ordered new Bianchi stickers.

4th step: New Corima track/fixie wheel, and front carbon Zipp road wheel.

5th and last step: ...Will be an other Corima front wheel and a chain.
Extras: Brooks seat, Brooks handelbar tape, Brooks pedal straps. Then all done :D

torsdag den 11. december 2014

Barcelona here i come, honey!

3 hours drive and i'm in the appartement mittle of Barcelona. Maybe no surfing this time, but gotter check it out, thats for sure. All packed....ah not yet tho, but getting there. :0)
Maybe bringing longboard and skates is not at bad idéa for visiting and transport, but cheap it is!
So head up, redbull in the pocket, and my white ass butt crack in the seat of my wannabe BMW, we are going to get a bit of sun very soon. #All set. #Kiss my ass Toulousa....

lørdag den 6. december 2014


I just found my biggest idol and 2end me today....finaly i meet him.
My biggest Dream came true :D 

Michelangelo....Teenage mutant ninja turtle - god i love u 4 turtles!

onsdag den 12. november 2014

1est step...Done! first small tattoo is done, then only 2 bigger ones to go... Comming up^^

mandag den 10. november 2014

Small update - great progress!

Well, update of life and injoryes - Eating healthy, drinking water, grooing muscels, losing fat, lives in the fressh rainfull DK, but i like it here - Do miss the french life pretty much, but going back soon.
Knee better again, abel to do flexion nearly 90 degrees, but not 100% yet. Slowly progress, but boring as fuck, but that's life of injoryes, at least im getting bigger, gaining muscels, heavier, stronger, and my moves, technique and exercises is getting better...Thanks to my french weigthlifting coach and for the awesome program. Finaly i can see great progress and all is going after my plan!